As you know, Lotus Domino ships will a great collection of templates - everything from the Domino Directory template to the various mail templates and so on. The unfortunate side of this is that the various templates on every Domino server installed have the same replica IDs - this means that every Domino Directory template on every Domino server has the same replica ID by default. This is a Bad Thing, and can cause much grief and gnashing of teeth, especially to the uninformed when replicating with external servers (who may have modified their version of the template) or with servers of different Domino versions (Domino R5 doesn´t like using a Domino 6 template).

Enter Surely Template.

Now comes a cute little tool from the Good Ship Lollipop - Surely Template v1.0. Surely Template allows you to "discover" the templates installed on your Domino server, and then manage various aspects of them such as changing their replica IDs, disabling replication, and setting default ACL entries such as "Default" and "Anonymous" to No Access.

Version 1.05 is now out. Minor upgrade, which addresses the following items:

Added Last Known File Path (TemplateFilepath field) to the Template Profile form

Added support to agents, views, and log for TemplateFilepath item

** Added comments and edit history sections to Template Profile and Process Log forms

Comments and suggestions welcome!