Date Name Downloads
Jul 8, 2013 Source Sniffer v3.6 787
Aug 9, 2012 Source Sniffer v3.5.1 812
Sep 6, 2011 Source Sniffer v3.5 1263
Jul 8, 2011 Source Sniffer v3.2 549
May 11, 2011 Source Sniffer v3.1 499
May 9, 2011 Source Sniffer v3.0 396
Apr 6, 2011 Source Sniffer v2.3 276
Dec 1, 2010 Source Sniffer v2.2 529
Nov 1, 2010 Source Sniffer v2.1 300
Aug 11, 2010 2.0 690
Aug 8, 2010 1.9 187
Aug 5, 2010 1.8 142
Jul 26, 2010 1.7 186
Jun 22, 2010 1.6 270
May 12, 2010 1.5 342
Apr 21, 2010 1.4 397
Apr 6, 2010 1.3 156
Mar 29, 2010 1.2 144
Mar 19, 2010 1.1 629
Mar 17, 2010 1.0 161
Source Sniffer v3.0
Source Sniffer v3.0
May 9, 2011
Apache License

Warning : Source Sniffer v3.0 is not tested on 8.5.1, it is tested on 8.5.2
Warning : Source Sniffer v3.0 does not support previously saved xml files anymore, if you need this, please use Source Sniffer v2.x

NEW: up to 75% faster then Source Sniffer v2.x, no more DXL exporting.
NEW: user interface optimized, removed statistics functions and save/load XML options
NEW: new right-click option : reload application function
NEW: new right-click option : show more info
NEW: all files in the NSF package will are searchable, e.g java libraries and custom control properties
NEW: new right click option in designer : Close project
NEW: option to include the file contents in the search (DXL)
NEW: new button to quickly open the preferences page
NEW: when previewing source code, it automatically jumps to the searched text
FIX: get references function now always returns the alias name.




Source Sniffer v2.3
- NEW : added right click option to 'remove application'.
- FIX: wrong startup position of source sniffer view is fixed
- FIX: some small bugs are fixed



Source Sniffer v2.2</div>

- NEW : CTRL+F will popup the find dialog in the code area</div>

- FIX : Source Sniffer could not be installed on 8.5.1 (from version 2.1, version 2.0 : no problem)</div>

- FIX : Source Sniffer view could not be closed or resized, had a wrong position in the perspective.</div>

TIP: if Source Sniffer does not show up after the &#39;events&#39; view, reset you perpective by clicking on &#39;Window -&gt; Reset Perspective&#39;.</div>


Source Sniffer v2.1 (small update)<br/>
- NEW : Small UI update, bigger &amp; new icons<br/>
- FIX : Application loading is a bit faster by omitting some DXL options<br/>
- FIX : Default location of Source Sniffer view after installation was incorrect<br/>
- FIX : Compiled &amp; 100% succesfully tested on Domino Designer 8.5.2 and Expeditor 6.2.2 (without IBM Extention Library)<br/>
- FIX : License file incorrect copyright information</div>


Source Sniffer v2.0</div>

- NEW : Support for multiple databases</div>

- NEW : Support for working sets, add a entire working set to Source Sniffer</div>


Source Sniffer v1.9<br/>
- FIX : hidewhen formulas where skipped in (shared) actions and shared columns</div>

Source Sniffer v1.8
- NEW : support for Style Sheets (CSS)
- NEW : support for Composite Applications
- NEW : support for Composite Wiring
- NEW : support for Themes

Source Sniffer v1.7
- FIX : couldn't get references from Xpages and Custom controls (because of the .xsp extention).
- FIX : automatic caching didn't work when using a server
- FIX : couldn't load any application after an xml file was loaded
- FIX : 'XML save as' proposes a correct filename now
- FIX : When switching replica's, the doubleclick on a design element could open the wrong replica (defect found by Luc Chapuis)
- FIX : couldn't always open design element, error 'notesurl not found' would pop up.
- FIX : when switching replica's, couldn't load application twice from different servers
- FIX : documentation fix, 'allow user initiated updated' must be enabled!

Source Sniffer v1.6
- FIX : bug NOSS-86NEGY fixed, buttons are now much better displayed
- NEW : Much clearer now when filtered on a keyword.
- NEW : First node in treenode has a image, so all child nodes are better displayed

Source Sniffer v1.5
- NEW : save loaded applications to external xml file
- NEW : load a previously saved Source Sniffer-xml file (compare changed code lines!)
- NEW : prefences page, you can specify a caching directory and default xml save/browse location.
- NEW : automatic application caching (specify a cache directory first!)
- FIX : source code editor now better positioned for large scripts on high resolution screens

Source Sniffer v1.4
- NEW : rightclick on design item in Source Sniffer and quickly get get references
- NEW : doubleclick on design item in Source Sniffer and quickly go to design item in Lotus Designer
- NEW : search button added (previously you could only use the 'ENTER' key for searching)
- NEW : rightclick in source code in Source Sniffer to quickly find text. (found text will be highlighted)

Source Sniffer v1.3
- NEW : count code lines (per application & per design element), found in new tab statistics.

Source Sniffer v1.2
- NEW : all code from the good old navigators are decoded and searchable as well
- NEW : finds unused local variables (just like Lotusscript Manager)
- FIX : some requirements in classpath entries in Eclipse where not correct, thanks to Keith (
- FIX : Unknown plugin dependencies in Imported Packages - application could not compiled properly, also thanks to Keith.
- FIX : views/ navigators that are hidden from the notes client where not loaded due to a bug (
- FIX : small speed improvements

Source Sniffer v1.1
- FIX : code from Xpage Custom Controlsdidn't alway load properly
- FIX : code from Webservices didn't alway load properly
- some minor improvements