Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20140527
Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20140527
May 28, 2014
Apache License

New in this release:

  • Layers for JavaScript widget and their templates
  • Unicode character support in the Java API
  • PHP Ajax proxy configuration interface is fully integrated with moodle and WordPress
  • Greenhouse “public folder fix” (I had to modify the files widget to use the ProfileService to pull the user -profile data in before being able to pass the creator ID to the file grid)
  • Community Files fix (the dropdown box for the community files widget only listed the communities specified via the default page size - I now set this to the maximum number to retrieve all communities).
  • CSS dialogue box fixes (tidied the header and padding of dialogue boxes to look consistent across all samples)
  • Consolidated the files grid and community files grid (they looked slightly different)
  • FilesView changes: buttons that might confuse users are automatically hidden (e.g. when selecting “public files”, the “Upload File” button is hidden since, by default, uploading a file will place it into “My Files” (unless the user specifies otherwise)
  • Removed redundant calls to console.log()
  • Updated SDK
  • Fixed Moodle internationalization (moved hardcoded strings into lang file)
  • Updated styling for Wordpress and Moodle samples
  • Fixed proxy helper; page size args were not being passed through
  • Fixed corrupted PHP in master branch
  • Changed ProxyHelper to selectively filter header fields to forward (since SmartCloud rejects requests containing additional fields not specified in the documentation)
  • Wordpress: Updated settings and samples to correspond to Moodle block
  • Refactored Wordpress plugin code: moved endpoint update logic into SBTSettings model
  • Removed anonymous access support from Wordpress widget
  • Wordpress plugin now also works with AND without mcrypt