Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20140125
Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20140125
Jan 25, 2014
Apache License

Mobile API for iOS
You can use the Mobile API to easily add social features to your iOS Mobile Applications. This release includes support for the Connections Communities, ActivityStreams, Profiles and Files API's. The release includes the source code for the API, prebuilt libraries and sample code to demonstrate the use of the API's. The project is hosted in a new GitHub repository located here: Documentation about how to set up a development environment and how to run the sample code is available here:

OpenSocial Explorer support in the Playground
Integrated support for rendering OpenSocial gadgets into the IBM Social Business Toolkit Playground. This release includes all the code and an updated NSF allowing you to deploy the Playground with OpenSocial features to your own Domino server.
Link to some documentation

Alpha Support For Rendering Gadgets In Your Own App
There is now a set of OSGi bundles that allow developers to render gadgets in their own apps. In OpenSocial lingo an app that can render a gadget is called a container. You can add a container to any XPage app or WAB (web application bundle) on Domino. There is a simple sample of how to do this within the Social Enabler app that is part of the SBT.
Link to some more documentation

Reusable Files View control
Views are a new type of reusable control you can use to easily embed IBM Connections functionality inside an existing application. The Files View displays a list of files and allows the user to upload a new file and tag/share/delete files from the list.

Alpha version of PHP support for Moodle and WordPress
Initial framework to allow the SDK JavaScript API to used within a XAMP stack and some integrations built specifically for Moodle and Word Press. You can easily add a widget to Word Press or a block to Moodle which displays social data from IBM Connections or SmartCloud for Social Business.