Social Business Toolkit SDK - 02/28/2013
Social Business Toolkit SDK - 02/28/2013
Mar 5, 2013
Apache License

This release includes

  • Improved version of playground
  • Support for jQuery JavaScript Library
  • Enhancements and bug fixes in Connections , SmartCloud Services and SDK Core components



  • Fixes
    • AMD Compatibility for ND 853
    • Toolkit servlet fixes for Domino Environment
  • Playground works with ND 853 and 9.0
  • Better layout in the main page
  • Ability to import snippets from Git repository
  • Playground submitted as a source code project

JavaScript Library

  • jQuery support added

Improvements/ Bug fixes

  • Code Cleanup
  • Improved API wrappers and added new ones:
    • ProfileService Connections
    • Communities Service Connections
    • Files Service Connections and SmartCloud
  • Fixes in Core SDK components  like proxy , gadget transport , open social proxy, endpoints , server error handling  , samples framework etc
  • Samples improved to display result of execution (wherever missing )
  • Response headers and a new samples to demonstrate how to use the ioargs
  • Added bootstrap theme to some snippets
  • Client side authentication enhancements - -added new methods in endpoint to logout , auto authenticate feature , check authentication status. (Snippet to show authentication status, and do actions authentication and logout)
  • Fixed few samples to remove direct dependency on a JavaScript Library
  • Improved Caching implementation of ProfileService (Java)
  • Bad input handling in API wrappers
  • Added more getter methods to retrieve properties of a social entitty (like members , communities)
  • i18n support for JavaScript services
  • New samples added like  -  Update Community Tags
  • Callback returns more information like totatResults , response codes from server
  • Fixed API wrappers like CommunitiesService.getTags(), updateCommunitytags(). Get Community by ID ,Added new getters and many other small fixes.

Configuration changes:

  • JNDI keys changes
    • mail/SBTSession -->  mail/ibmsbt-session
    • url/SbtProperties ---> url/ibmsbt-sbtproperties
    • url/ManagedBeansXml  ----> url/ibmsbt-managedbeansxml.
  • Renamed faces-config.xml to managed-beans.xml.
  • Change of the url resource name which points to the managed bean configuration for the social business toolkit from url/FacesConfigXml to url/ManagedBeansXml.