Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20130926
Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20130926
Sep 26, 2013
Apache License

What's new in the Social Business Toolkit SDK

  1. Blogs Service
    • Programmatically create, update, read and delete Blog entries. (Java, JavaScript, On-Premise, API)
  2. Activities Service
    • Programmatically create, update, read and delete Activity entries. (Java, JavaScript, On-Premise, API)
  3. Search Service
    • Perform searches across the installed Connections applications. (Java, On-Premise, API)
  4. Bookmarks Grid
    • Display list of bokkmarks. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Control)
  5. API consistency and general cleanup (Java, JavaScript)
    • Details listed below


API Consistency Changes


Java changes

1. getActivityStream() changed to getStream()  
2  getActivityStream(String user, String group, String app,Map params) renamed to getStream(String user, String group, String app,Map params)
3. New method added getMyStatusUpdates() : New method ( Already existed on JS side )
4. getNotificationsForMe() : Changed api to use RESPONSES instead of NOTESFORME
5. postMBEntry changed to postMicroblogEntry()

JS Changes
1. New methods added : getAllUpdates(), getStatusUpdatesFromMyNetwork(), getMyActionableItemsForApplication(), getMySavedViewItemsForApplication(), searchByPattern()
2. Changed postMicroblogEntry to take both string or object
3. Renamed getUpdatesFromAUser to getUpdatesFromUser
4. Renamed getUpdatesFromACommunity to getUpdatesFromCommunity
5. Renamed getMyActionableView to getMyActionableItems
6. Renamed getMySavedView to getMySavedItems


Java Changes
1. removed methods  getMembers with communityObject as parameter, newCommunity(), deleteCommunity() with Community Object
4. changed addMember to use Member object and remove role argument
5. added getCommunityTheme and setCommunityTheme in Community class
6. removed addMember(String memberID, String role) from Community class
7. added update() in Community class
8. added getCommunityUuid() in invite class
9. added getContent and setContent  in invite

 JS Changes
1. removeMember() in CommunityService and Community class uses just the memberid instead of paasing Member object
2. Added getId() wrapper method in Invite class.

ProfileService Connections

Java Changes
1. changed getters to connections naming convention in Profile class
2. added method getTags()
3. removed newProfile/newConnectionEntry methods
4. renamed getReportToChain() to getReportingChain
5. renamed getDirectReports to getPeopleManage
7. changed updateProfilePhoto(file, userid) to accept a userid

JS Changes
1. changed getTags() to rely just on userid parameter
2. changed  getColleagues() to rely just on userid parameter
3. Added new class for ConnectionEntry and a new wrapper getColleaguesConnectionEntries to return array of ConnectionEntry


1. New Methods Added :
CommentEntry(now Comment) : getTitle, getContent, getCreated, getModified, getVersionLabel, getUpdated, getPublished, getModifier, getAuthor, getLanguage, getDeleteWithRecord

FileEntry(now File) : getSelfUrl, getAlternateUrl, getDownloadUrl, getEditLink, getEditMediaLink, getCommentsUrl, getAuthor instead of getAuthorEntry, getVersionUuid, getRecommendationsCount, getCommentsCount, getSharesCount, getFoldersCount, getAttachmentsCount, getVersionsCount,  getReferencesCount, getSummary, getContentUrl, getContentType, getAcls, getHitCount, getAnonymousHitCount, getTags, load, save, addComment, pin, unpin, lock, unlock, remove, update, download.

2. Methods/ Variables removed :
CommentEntry - getData and setData methods, other unused member variables
added method addCommentToFile which takes FileEntry

3. Renaming : to, FileEntry to,
FileService : method name upload to uploadFile, updateFile/ information to updateFileMetaData

4.New Classes :  CommentEntryFeedHandler, and FileEntryFeedHandler

Internal Changes : Usage of Tranformers

JS Changes

1. Updated method like getId to getFileId to match Java services
2. Added getCategory() in File Entity
3. Added new APIs: addFileToFolders  ,createFolder  , deleteAllFilesFromRecycleBin  ,deleteComment  ,deleteFileFromRecycleBin  ,
   deleteFileShare , deleteFolder  ,getAllUserFiles  ,getFileComments  ,getFileFromRecycleBin  getFilesAwaitingApproval  ,getFileShares 
   getFilesInFolder  , getFilesInMyRecycleBin  ,getFileWithGivenVersion  ,getFolder  ,getFoldersWithRecentlyAddedFiles 
   getPinnedFolders  ,getPublicFolders  ,pinFolder  ,removeFileFromFolder  ,restoreFileFromRecycleBin  ,shareFileWithCommunities  ,
   unpinFolder  , updateMyComment  , updateComment  ,addFileToFolder  ,
  4. Updated FileService to use tranformer design pattern

ProfileService Smartcloud


1. Added load method  in class.
2. Renamed getTitle to getJobTitle in
3. Renamed getPhoneNumber to getTelephoneNumber
4. Renamed getAboutMe  to getAbout in
5. Added getOrg() method in
6. Renamed getDataHandler method from
7. Added  getObjectId in
8. add getDefaultEndpoint method in
9. Name of ProfilesJsonPath(in Java) changed to ProfileJPath.

JS :

1. getData method to be removed from profile class in JS
2. Removed getProfileByGUID method which is deprecated.
3. Added getMyProfile method needs to be added to JS.