Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20130909
Social Business Toolkit SDK - 20130909
Sep 10, 2013
Apache License

What's new in the Social Business Toolkit SDK

  1. Forum Service
    • Programmatically create, update, read and delete Forum's, Forum Topic's and Forum Replies. (Java, JavaScript, On-Premise, API)
  2. Search Service
    • Perform searches across the installed Connections applications. (JavaScript, On-Premise, API)
  3. Profile Tag Grid
    • Display list of tags associated with a person's profile. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Control)
  4. Profile Panel
    • Display information from a users profile. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Smart Cloud, Control)
  5. Forum Grid
    • Display a list of Forum's and navigate to Forum Topics and Forum Replies. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Control)
  6. Sample Framework Enhancements
    • Filtering of samples based selected JavaScript Library and Environment and an in-place editor for sample parameters. (JavaScript, Javal)
  7. Grid Enhancements
    • Pass query string parameters to all Grid controls which allows Grid contents to be filtered. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Control)
  8. Update Profile Photo
    • Samples demonstrating how to programmatically update a Profile photo. (JavaScript, Java, On-Premise, Smart Cloud, API)
  9. Updates to Playground
    • Updated JavaScript and Java samples
    • New XPages samples
    • New API explorer with Domino API exposed
    • New filtering mechanism based on the runtime environment and the select JavaScript library
    • Enhanced administration UI