The project I'm trying to undertake is quite large and ambitious. Something like this is not possible to implement with just 1 person. If you are interested in taking a part in the project then please contact me.

Project RED is an experiment with several goals:

  1. Explore the extent to which a Domino server can be extended while still retaining the seamless and transparent experience when being a part of the Notes/Domino network.
  2. Explore the possibility to substitute the typical Notes/Domino bottlenecks (e.g. traditional NSF storage) with open technology woven into the process flow of the server.
  3. Make an attempt to envision, what Domino COULD become, both on-premise and in the cloud.

The main focus of the project is currently applications only. However, if the result proves successful, the scope may be extended.

The idea is to build a construct that would be perceived as a fully functional Domino server by other servers and clients in the network, but would rely on Domino only for the closed technology (e.g. NRPC stack, NotesID mechanism, etc.). The target high-level reference architecture would look like this:
The technologies of choice are: CouchDB, WAS Liberty Profile, OpenNTF Domino API, OpenNTF Crossworlds.

Hopefully, along the way the work on the project will also generate useful artifacts that could be leveraged by the community even if the experiment itself is not successful.