Just played around with some backend Java code, jQuery draggable and sortable to define custom widgets appearing on a custom portal homepage. As iGoogle will quit I thought about having an alternative hosted on my own Domino Server.

Still missing:

  • Comfortable UI for generating widgets
  • Proxy for loading XSS content into widgets
  • generic RSS feeds (will have a look at @Gidgerbys code for that)
  • generic views from any database and view (cannot open source it 'cause it's made in work time :-/ have to refactor that soon)

And as always: any feedback is appreciated Grinsend


Documentation for 0.0.3 as video available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYTW3HznIK0&feature=share&list=UUaXMH5KE_H-p6yboW2keE7w


Documentation as text: http://mardou.dyndns.org/hp.nsf/docuPortalo.xsp




New Version 0.0.3 needs the XPages Toolkit to run!


Live Demo here: http://mardou.dyndns.org/portalo.nsf/index.xsp



Important note

For some reason I just encountered a problem with the widgets data view component. As my server uses the M4 of the OpenNTF Domino API the page result in errors while partial refresh. Activating the OpenNTF Domino API in the XSP settings the problem was gone. I don't know how this works together but if you don't use the OpenNTF Domino API then switch of the usage in your XSP settings. If you use the M4 of it activate it and do a clean of the project.

Here is the issue on Github for that: https://github.com/OpenNTF/org.openntf.domino/issues/82