Date Name Downloads
Mar 1, 2011 1.0.1 686
Feb 25, 2011 1.0.0 642
Mar 1, 2011
Apache License


  • plugins did not get deployed properly in previous version (comparison with wrong form name to read plugin documents)
  • the database now handles removals and additions of features/plugins properly (previous version had issues because the files were still accessed by the http task)
  • selection formula for deployment lookup views fixed (did not contain created deployment documents)
  • http task restart command changed from "tell http restart" to "restart task http"; "tell http restart" does not restart the JVM used by the XPages runtime
  • deployment now works on Linux (method checkAndCreateDir had path issues)
  • bugfix in hide-when formula of "Deploy now" button

New features:

  • option "Server is running Lotus Traveler" added to deployment form to automatically restart the traveler task before the http task shutdown (otherwise, the traveler task might hang)
  • Optimized logging: server name and deployed plugins/features are now printed in log documents
  • Optimized error handling: full stacktrace of errors is now written to the server console
  • log documents and deployment documents can now be deleted
  • database is now a template with template name "StdEclipseUpdateSitePlus"