Date Name Downloads
Dec 28, 2009 1.5 6915
Mar 21, 2007 1.5 BETA 3987
1.5 BETA
1.5 BETA
Mar 21, 2007
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This is the version of the OpenLog database that was presented at the Error Trapping session at Lotusphere 2007, with additional fixes and tweaks. Most notably, this release adds JavaScript logging support and RSS feeds for notifications.

For a list of all changes and bug fixes, please see the "History" document in the database itself (which is available as a link on the "About This Database" document). Here's a rundown of the highlights:

  • Added the OpenLogJavaScript library for general JavaScript error/event logging. This library should work with both Domino and non-Domino web pages.

  • Added the ability to "subscribe" to particular errors and events with RSS feeds. You can generate and view a feed by clicking the "RSS Feed" action button at the top of the Notification views.

  • Added code to try to determine the form or view name when a LotusScript error is triggered in a form or view action (instead of the generic "[View or Form Action]" message). See the GetWindowTitle method in the LogItem class.Thanks to David Slatter for the code suggestion.

  • Added the user "Anonymous" to the ACL with default access of "No Access" and "Read Public Documents" checked. This will allow the Anonymous user to be able to use the new JavaScript library and log errors using the JavascriptErrorReport agent.