This is an XPage-based template using the fabulous JS/CSS Framework from Twitter called "Bootstrap".

The main intention was to provide a highly customizable template for websites of the type "blog" or "snippet collection". This is at least what I do with it ;-)

You can create snippets (code fragments with description) and blog posts as well (for the non-technical content).

Just create a new database from it, sign it, give yourself the role "[Admin]", login - and you are done. Works in XpiNC (except some jQuery input plugins) as well as in a browser (IE 7+. Chrome, FF, Safari, Mobile).

Known issues and still work in progress:

- comment function not implemented yet - any logged in user with the role can create content, no workflow yet

You can see this in action here.

Any C&C is welcome!

I appreciate any link to a public website that uses this template. Just to see how YOU implemented it :-)

[Update, 23.05.2013): added documentation]