The Notes/Domino C Api toolkit allows you to extends the server by writing applications called server addin tasks to perform various jobs like archiving, billing, logging, etc... Although very powerful, using the C Api to write your tasks presents many challenges:

- Must be written in C/C++ which requires a high cost of entry.
- Low productivity
- Can be hard to debug
- Must be compiled for every platform.

This prototype proposes a new way of writing server addin tasks by using the Java OSGi programming model. This would solve all of the problems described above, but also add new benefits like:
- Declarative task scheduling
- Built-in mechanism to access server task user arguments.
- List of tell commands to query the OSGi framework.
- Extensibility
- Easy deployment.
- Better tooling with Eclipse IDE and its first class Java and plugins editors and Java debugger.
- Leverage existing OSGi assets (within the company or open source).
- ...

See the documentation for more details: see here


This project replaces an earlier project JAVADDIN.

David Taieb is the developer. Niklas Heidloff only committer.