I basically want to create an AJAX+HTML version of the domino view applet, except better.

Current Features:

  • Able to insert one or more views on any design element in any database within the same web domain
  • Able to render any type of Standard Outline view (categorized, flat, response hierarchy, etc) without any modifications to the view
  • Support pass-thru HTML in view columns via square brackets
  • Support for RestrictToCategory parameter
  • Able to pull design info from views using the ?ReadDesign url command and support:

    –>column titles and widths

    –>column sorting settings
  • Able to scroll through view just like Notes Client (no paging!)
  • Some keyboard support for navigating view and opening documents
  • Object-oriented javascript library for manipulating view and view documents with javascript code
  • Built in action bar for including view actions such as Expand All, Collapse All, Open Selected, etc
  • FTSearch integration and search bar just like Notes Client views
  • Multiple document selection and manipulation
  • Customizable look via CSS
  • Header and column formatting can also (optionally) be taken directly from the view design
  • Support for icon columns
  • Tested in Domino R8, should work in R5+
  • Tested in IE7 and Firefox 2, should work in IE5.5+ and Firefox 1.5+
  • Limited developer documentation in javascript files
  • Simple multiple language support

    Future Releases:
  • Able to resize columns via mouse
  • Complete keyboard support for navigating view and opening documents
  • Fully-tested in all major browsers
  • FUlly-tested in Domino R5+
  • Completely developer-friendly for simple installations as well as more complex ones
  • Complete developer documentation