NSF Router

This project can be installed as an OSGi plugin on an HCL Domino server to allow custom routing within an NSF.


Install the plugin on your server in your preferred way, such as via an NSF Update Site. Once it's installed, add a file resource named nsfrouter.properties to the design of your NSF. This file should contain regular-expression keys to their replacement values. For example:



Note: this file can also be placed in Code/Java or other equivalent places in the root classpath. When created as a File Resource design element, you should mark it as not shown on the web.

Regex Matching

Regular Expression matching and replacement is done with the standard Java java.util.regex capabilities. Additionally, they must match the entire checked path info portion, though the ^ and $ terminators are optional. For example, the pattern foo/(\w+) will match foo/bar, but not foo/bar/ or foo/bar/baz.

Bear in mind that regexes should be encoded and escaped according to the rules of Java Properties files. In practice, this primarily means that backslashes must be doubled. For example, the a replacement for the pattern foo/(\w+) should be represented like this in the properties file:



This project will not redirect URLs that are matched by a different HttpService implementation. In practice, this means that it won't match “.xsp” URLs or other specialty paths handled by the Java layer of Domino's HTTP stack.


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.