The Mindoo FTP Server project integrates the Apache FtpServer ( into IBM Notes/Domino R8.5.3 or higher.

The project consists of three parts:
An OSGi plugin on the server side that contains the actual FTP server and all required libraries, a Dojo 1.8 based graphical user interface for web browsers as well as a classic user interface for the Notes Client, both contained in a configuration database.

The configuration database is used to define ports/hostnames for the server, lists to block specific FTP clients or whole IP ranges and lists of users, their access rights (read/write/which directory) and password hashes.

Main features:


  • Configurable read and write access for FTP clients
  • Users can store files in their personal folder or in folders shared with other users
  • Idle timeouts, max concurrent logins and upload/download rates per user
  • Resuming of uploads and downloads
  • Access can be restricted by defining a time range
  • Support for passive FTP mode (e.g. FTP server running in VM on VMware™ server)
  • Manual block lists and automatic block list creation after too many failed logins
  • Extensive logging of logins and login attempts in log database
  • FTP Server is running in OSGi framework of Domino HTTP task 8.5.3 or higher
  • Launches on HTTP task startup (using XPages Preloader technology)
  • Dojo 1.8 based web UI for Domino R9, classic Notes Client UI available for older servers/clients
  • Server deployment via Eclipse Update Site database

For installation instructions, please read the pdf file in the download archive.