The Domino add-in task scans all mail files & mail-in databases homed on the server and produces a summary of each.

To be included mail-in databases must be based on a mail file template.

Compressed sizes of attachments are used when applicable.

Supported Domino Versions:

9.0.1 (32 & 64bit) and above

Supported OS:


Information Gathered:

Mail file size
Quota size
Total attachment size
Template name
Is full-text index enabled/disabled
Full-text index size
Out of office details
Total number of email & calendar items (catagorised by year)
Total number of email & calendar items older than 18 months (default value)
Attachment quantity & size (roughly catagorised by size)
Is replication enabled/disabled
X-Ray function to aggregate the data collected by server or year
Checks calendar profile document owner
And much more…