Super Slick DB to Sell Your wares on Domino! Thanks to Jennette Heikes for all her work on this.

A product catalog DB with pics and prices that Adds the items to the shopping cart, saves the Order and sends confirmation!!!

Important setup notes:

The Add to Cart button agent set to Run As Web User must be signed by a Lotus ID that has delete document rights, and even that still does not give the ID access to run agents on the notes server! Since this agent still will not run on the notes server until te signer's notes ID has the authority to run restricted LotusScript agents. (See the "Security" section of the server document to add the signature of the agent signers ID to the field to run restricted LotusScript agents on that server). Problem solved.

Also if pressing the Submit button gives the error Error connecting to server NotesServerName/Org: The remote server is not a known TCP/IP host. This error is seen on the console and in the server's notes log. It happens when the doc.send line executes to send a confirmation email to the e-commerce buyer. This is cause by not having the mail server set up properly for sending smtp mail. See the mail setup