I got tired of building a lot of agents or using something that returned too much data. This way I can control what is returned and the format.

This database is used to present domino data in a JSON format via an agent. It lets you define a configuration that will pull data from the selected server, database and view using a given search string. The results can be passed back to the Javascript in JSON format. The results will be field mapped to Javascript variables or returned as one field containing the HTML to use in the Javascript.

Uses database search or a key to find the documents in a view.


JSON - Lets the user map document fields to javascript varibles and return all document in one call.

HTML - lets the user either pull the html from a field on each document, a column from a view or to a parameters that is used to search-replace in the HTML template.

When you need to just display record(s) on a web page (usually replacing the innerhtml in a div tag), use one of the following methods:

For single items or records the HTML template with field replacements works the best.

For multiple records, a view columun is the fastest method. The column will contain the html segment needed.

When you need to be able to process the data, then the full JSON method works.

Using the view for searching, lets you define the sorting of the data passed back. If you don't need sorting, then use the full database search.

Help with agent and search ideas would be nice.