Have you ever run into a problem in Dojo that caused an error? Of course you have. And when you used your browser debugger to find the problem you were faced with code that looked like "_25f(dtd, vt._52)" Impossible!

In the past, to address this you could replace the Dojo folder in the/js folder on your server with the full source code version. Then you would be working with the original, non-compressed version.

However, in Domino 8.5.3, we now have PLUGINS that provide the Dojo resources rather than simply files on the OS. This means that in order to replace the version of Dojo being served, you have to replace the entire plugin.

Fortunately for you, I've already done that! Just download this plugin, put it in the domino/data/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins folder on your Domino server (just like the Extension Library!) then go to the domino/osgi/shared/eclipse/plugins folder and rename the file "com.ibm.xsp.dojo" to have an extension OTHER than ".jar" Restart your server and you're ready to go!

One thing: remember that you must clear out your browser cache when you get back to your site.