This database alerts you when certain events occur in any database you have access to.

In order to run this application you need to specify which databases and what kind of events you want alert from, alla alerts are sent by mail.

I use this database everyday to track changes in databases

Here are some use of this database

Get a mail when any document change in Names.nsf

Get a mail when any ACL change for a database

Get a mail if new documents been posted to a database

Get a mail if new documents been posted to a database containing text that interest you

Get a mail if number of attachments in a database change

get a mail if number of documents change or exceed x

Get a mail if size of database change or exceed x Mb

Get a mail if an agent you are responsible for does not run according to schedule

You can specify how often you want the alert/mail delivered

You can monitor how many databases you want

You can specify who should get the mail/alert

By using this application you move administration of databases and get new documents you need directly delivered to your inbox.

This database mimics the event reporter in some aspects, but this database does not require admnistration rights in the same way as event reporter does.

You can run this database on a server or on your local machine, if you run it locally you need to enable "Schedule Agents" in user preferences.

This database does not work from a webbrowser yet.

The database is really very simple, you need to create a document for each database you want to monitor. there is only one scheduled agent doing all the work that is set to run every 10 minutes.

Thomas Adrian

Below an example of what an alert might look like in your inbox