The Data Moving Animal is an enterprise solution that is used around the world. It synchronizes data between Lotus Notes databases and between Excel and Notes. The key features of the Data Moving Animal are: • Upload from Excel • Relationally combine data using a key • Run first in Analysis mode before running in Live mode • Comprehensive logging – adds, updates, deletes • Scheduled data move (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) • Archive Databases Data Moving Animal The download ( includes a sheet on how to do a "3 minute evaluation of the Data Moving Animal". You can in 3 minutes see what this tool can do. Download the Data Moving Animal See a quick demo of the Data Moving Animal archiving a database.


Other projects you may be interested in: - Create Charts from Notes databases using Notes Reconn - Simple and free solution for generating pdf-files called SimplePdf I am currently in Peru working with a Christian Mission so unfortunately cannot continue development of the "Data Moving Animal". If you are interested in further development then please contact me.