Information contained in the following is presented as is. This tutorial assumes you have basic Lotus Notes Configuration knowledge.

Load Lotus Notes Domino Administrator

First order of business is to load Lotus Notes Domino Administrator, you can do this right from your Domino Designer Environement by going to File + Launch Domino Administrator. Once there, you will need to go the Files Tab to view your list of databases. Provided you have already copied the Döcu Content App into your root folder, (1) select the App from root, (2) right-click on the App (3) and choose Sign. Wait at least 5 to 7 seconds to make sure Lotus Notes Administrator completes signing the App. Otherwise you will get an error when you attempt viewing the Döcu Content App in your browser.

Celebrating 100 Videos

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Load Döcu Content

You can access Döcu Content in the following way, simply type: http://localhost/docucontent.nsf/. Create and account, if you have not already, fire it up…

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    Name: jquery.mobile-1.2.0


    Code/licensing: MIT

    Name: Glyphish by Joseph Wain

    http://www.glyphish.com/ ++++

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    Name: jQuery-csv (jQuery Plugin)/ jquery.csv-0.71/ jquery.csv-0.71.min

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    Name: Google Chart API

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