Info and source code:

Version 5.4 (21.11.2017)

  • Updated Xtend libraries to v2.13.0.
  • Added 'b' and 'B' formatting options to –output-format global option. 'b' includes mail body where newlines are separated by '|' and 'B' separates newlines using ' '.

Version 5.3.1 (15.02.2017)

  • Fixed listing and detaching attachments in some MIME emails.

Version 5.3 (16.01.2017)

  • Added dev-command for development/experimentation/misc.
  • Added –folderrefs option to dev-command to view/enable/disable folder references.
  • Added –self to search-command to match mails sent by self when searching by subject.
  • Moved –folder option from list-command to be a global option. It can now be used with today and search commands. Folders require folder references to be enabled.
  • Added –folderview option to list-command to view mails in specified folder (in reality, a view).
  • Added –nocase option to search-command to allow case-insensitive searches by subject or sender.
  • Changed –log option so that it now overwrites existing log file.
  • Added –loga option to enable logging for current session and append to existing log file.
  • Changed help so that global options and commands are listedin alphabetical order.
  • Refactoring.

Version 5.2.3 (04.01.2017)

  • Can now search mails using both subject and sender.

Version 5.2.2 (25.11.2016)

  • Updated Xtend libraries to v2.10.0.
  • Added –attachments to read-command to print attachment file names.

Version 5.2.1 (28.01.2016)

  • Bug fix when using –log option and log-directory does not exist.

Version 5.2 (18.12.2015)

  • Moved to Maven building and packaging. Consequence: development can be done without Eclipse IDE.
  • Source code available at GitHub.
  • Updated Xtend libraries to v2.9.0.
  • Removed separate config file and added it to Configuration.xtend (in the future: configuration to be refactored).

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