ASND Recruiting allows users to track prospective employees throughout the recruiting process.

* Along with tracking basic recruit information, ethnicity and gender are tracked for EEO reporting.  Fields for holding resumes, cover letters and photos are also on the form with view icons indicating which a recruit has. <br/>
* A 2 stage status process is used for tracking recruits.  Once a recruit has entered the active interviewing stage, a second status is used for tracking the offer status.  Recruits are color coded by their status in most views and the colors are easily customized via a color configuration document.  Dates are tracked for a number of the offer statuses to get an accurate history of the recruiting process.<br/>
* Each recruit has an education history, intern history, and contact log.  Once a person is hired, start date and details about their new position are also tracked.<br/>
* Interview schedules for prospective candidates are tracked and interviewers have the ability to enter an evaluation form after interviewing the candidate.  Future versions will incorporate schedules into interviewees personal calendars.<br/>
* The recruiting event form allows HR to track upcoming college career days, job fairs, and social events for interacting with prospective employees.  Along with tracking the event, the form has a status for tracking whether it will be attended and by whom as well as any reservation deadlines for being included in the event.<br/>
* A recruiting calendar tracks interviews, recruiting events and deadlines, and new employee start dates.<br/>
* Comprehensive statistical reports track numbers and percentages of people interviewed vs people hired.  Stats are generated for ethnicity, gender, university attended, and type of degree.  This information gives HR the ability to determine which future recruits and events work best for their company.<br/>

Taken together, all of the information captured in this database is sure to make any HR department more efficient and responsive as well as making the hiring process much easier to track.

Future versions of the application will integrate with user's calendars, track position openings, and a browser interface.