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Auto Logins for IBM Domino/ XWork server is an application/ component that you can use to add a "Remember me" feature to the login screen of an IBM Domino/ Xwork server. If a user (within the specified number of days) tries to access the server again, he is recognized (based on a token in a cookie). If the token is valid and hasn't expired, the user is automatically signed in.


The algorithm that has been used for the remember me feature is described here.


This is a great feature for any web (XPage) application, especially mobile web applications: it will make using the application a lot easier/ user friendlier.


The sign-in process is handled by creating an LTPA token. This requires that multi-server session authentication is enabled on the server. The code used to generate the LTPA token was developed by Serdar Başeğmez and is available on the XSnippet site. Note that this application does not work with imported Websphere Ltpa keys, only with Domino keys.


Although not required, I recommend to enable SSL on the server.


Important: although I have been very careful in developing this application/ sample and think thas the method I've implemented can be considered secure, I can and will give NO WARRANTY for it and cannot be held responsible for any security issues related to the use of this application. Please let me know if you find any (security) problems with this application.