Time: Tuesday, 4 December -- 9:00am Eastern Standard Time.

In this call Craig Wolpert, Senior Software Engineer on our Business Partner Technical Enablement team, will lead a guided tour of the newly released Lotus Notes 8
Composite Application Component Library- a library of 22 components you can use to make composite applications in Lotus Notes 8.

Craig will provide a live overview of all of the categories of components and show off a few "recipe" examples that include them in existing composite applications.

About the
Composite Application Component Library
Created by Jo Grant of the Lotus Business Partner Technical Enablement team, the library has 22 utility components that are ready to be used in your Notes 8 composite applications. For Eclipse based components, the library offers an Eclipse Update Site. For Notes based components, the library hosts the design elements and a view has been added which contains documentation on how to use each component. Over time, there will be a series of "recipes" posted to show some examples of how these components can be used to create personal productivity applications by any Notes user. These components are available for use in any composite application, including prototype to production applications.

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