Chris came up with the [idea] and sample code for adding a version checker webservice.
This service will enable the projectchefs to add a simple agent to their template which allows users to check whether a newer version is availlable.

I created the webservice today and allthough it's not 100% finished yet, but feel free to check it out:

Example codesnippet to consume this webservice below:

sWSDL = "" Set Client = CreateObject("MSSOAP.SoapClient") Call Client.mssoapinit(sWSDL) wsTemplateBuildNumber = Client.getLatestBuildNumber(_ thisProject, thisTemplateBuildNumber, thisTemplateBuildName, thisURL) '=> check if we got a valid response If wsTemplateBuildNumber = 0 Then Msgbox "Unable to determine the latest version" Exit Sub End If '=> compare the buildnumbers If wsTemplateBuildNumber > thisTemplateBuildNumber Then wsTemplateBuildName = Client.GetLatestBuildName(thisProject) Messagebox "There is a newer version available: "_ & wsTemplateBuildName, MB_OK, "Update check" '=> Open the new release document for download. projURL$ = Client.GetLatestURL(thisProject) w.URLOpen(projURL$) Else Messagebox "Your are using the latest version.", MB_OK, "Update check" End If

Note: thisProject is the OpenNTF projectname, theTemplateBuildNumber/name and thisURL are variables for request logging (not implemented yet) and should reflect the current buildname & number

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