OpenNTF Alliance Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes: February 1, 2010
Conference Call

Members: Vince Schuurman (Chairman), Nathan Freeman, Ludwig Nastansky, Justin Hill, John Head, Brent Peters, Scott Johnsen

Others Present: Peter Tanner

Meeting called to order at 12:00 pm ET by Vince Schuurman

General Business – Vince Schuurman

Voting results not in as the voting is still open until 5:00 pm ET, February 1, 2010.

Bruce Lill – Kalechi Designs
Corey Davis – Conxsys
Bruce Elgort – Elguji

Strategy Working Group – Nathan Freeman

Lotus Awards – to ensure there is no conflict next year, the SC would like for OpenNTF to be more involved to ensure no conflict of interest. Note: The awards are Lotus awards, not OpenNTF awards.

The SC is requesting IBM continue with the OpenNTF category of Lotus Awards. The SC is requesting the SWG to come up with guidelines discuss awards and competitions for 2010 including the Lotus Awards, prizes, rules, judging, etc. Come back with a proposal.

IP Working Group - John Head

John has posted the IP Working Group Priorities
Individual membership voting rights
Finding a GPL IP manager
Long term direction
Legal status - Not for Profit status, etc.

IP Manager (Peter Tanner) will be away for 4 months starting February 3, 2010. We don’t have anyone in place as a backup for this process. What alternatives do we have? Note: This role does not have to be filled by an attorney. This person would have access to the IBM scanning tool (potentially licensed to OpenNTF) to do the IP scanning.

John Head knows a person who could do this, but there are confidentiality issues.

There are 5 companies who could potentially help to pay this fee during the next 4 months. We will take this conversation offline to determine if we can do this. Nathan will initiate this “conversation” via email. We will also look at other options.

We will also look at paying this fee 2 months while Peter trains another person to take this over.

Election results will be announced at 5:00 pm ET on the blog. Peter will notify the candidates prior to the blog post.

Technical Committee – Nathan Freeman

No update at this time.

Marketing Working Group – Scott Johnsen

No update at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am ET
Minutes submitted by Scott Johnsen

Next meeting:
Tuesday, February 9, 2009
10:00 am ET

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