OpenNTF Alliance Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes: July 30, 2009
Conference Call

Vince Schuurman (Chairman), Nathan Freeman, Ludwig Nastansky, Justin Hill, John Head, Brent Peters, Scott Johnsen

Others Present: Peter Tanner, Niklas Heidloff, Steve Castledine, Felicia Sienkiewicz


Meeting called to order at 11:00 am ET by Vince Schuurman.
Last months meeting minutes were approved.

– Formally make Steve Castledine the official spokesperson of Alliance backed by Steering Committee member  Ludwig Nastansky.

IP Working Group Update
- Peter Tanner with an assist from John Head

There is a new IP Policy. The Steering Committee will have 1 week to review and provide comments. If members have no comment, then please comment with no comment. The new policy will first be approved by the Technical Committee and then by the IP Working Group before being brought back to the Steering Committee for approval.

Once this is approved, we will need to execute a new membership agreement for all members.

Ludwig can proceed with adding new entries to the Catalog from IBM and anyone else. Note: The Contributor and the Committer cannot be the same person.

Technical Committee Update
- Niklas Heidloff & Steve Castledine

The site is running smoothly at this point. The Discussion Template still needs work, but that is proceeding along. The number of new issues is down significantly.

There is a directory for all the Forums. The user can only see the Forums for which they have access
There are two catalogs, one for the Apache license and the other for he GPL license
Task Management system is in place
Wiki is set up to track site changes
Blog is kept up to date
Email is enabled on the site

Still on the to do list:

Get code flowing into the Catalogs
Open up the Catalogs
Upgrade the Servers
Create new test environment
Implement IdeaJam
Clean out projects that have either been abandoned or only point to a Web site
Upgrade new project management system

Note: continues to get about 750 new registrations/month

Strategy Working Group Update
– Nathan Freeman Working on the Technical Committee Profile Concept specs

Issue: We currently do not have adequate (any?) Administration backup person or procedure. Server Administration, adding new users, etc. We would like to address this issue. Gab Davis and the Turtle Partnership have indicated that they would be interested in providing this service to

Resolved - The Turtle Partnership will be given Admin rights to once they have become an Alliance member.

UPDATE: Rob Novak (SNAPPS) has resigned from the Steering Committee. However SNAPPS remains an Alliance member of

GROUP Software has indicated a desire to provide developers the use of their Domino Server in the Cloud technology. The Steering Committee is interested in moving this process forward, and are excited about the opportunity.

Vince Schuurman will be on vacation during our next meeting. Nathan Freeman will be acting Chairman for that meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 am ET
Minutes submitted by Scott Johnsen

Next meeting: August 13, 2009
11:00 am ET

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