It‘s probably fitting thatI’m writing a blog post about Engage sat in a coffee shop, on my iPad, using Domino Mobile Apps. The last year has brought the product a long way and one of the most significant new projects has been Theo Heselmans’ Wine App. Admittedly the OpenNTF Blog database is unchanged from the desktop version, but it’s probably only going to be seen by a handful of people, so investment is less beneficial.

But to get to the reason for this blog post, in a little over a week, OpenNTF will be in attendance at Engage. We’re proud to co-sponsor the Sponsor Showcase event on Tuesday night, but we’ll also be involved heavily throughout the event. Graham Acres, Jesse Gallagher, Oliver Busse, Paul Withers and Serdar Basegmez will be in attendance and happy to speak all things open source.

We have our OpenNTF round table on Tuesday 11.45 in R1 called “Developer Tools for the Next Decade”, hosted by Serdar Basegmez and Paul Withers.

Graham Acres has a session on Wednesday 11.30 in Room D (Minerva) called “What is Cool with Domino V10, Proton and Node.js, and why would I use it in my Domino Apps Anyway?”

Jesse Gallagher has a session on Tuesday at 16.00 in Room E (Mahy) called “Java with Domino after XPages”.

Oliver Busse has a session with Jan Krejcarek on Wednesday in Room E (Mahy) at 14.45 called “The NERD stuff: opening Domino to the modern web developer”.

Paul Withers has three other sessions.
Tuesday at 17.00 in Room D (Minerva) with Fredrik Malmborg called “Introduction to Node-RED”.
Wednesday at 09.00 in Room D (Minerva) called “Modernizing Your Domino and XPages Applications”.
Wednesday at 12.00 in Room E (Mahy) called “AI - What Is It Good For?”

Serdar Basegmez has a session on Wednesday at 13.30 in Room E (Mahy) with Tom van Aken called “Your Data in the Major Leagues: A Practical and Updated Guide to RESTful Domino v10”.

There are more sessions that can be named by contributors and helpers of OpenNTF, and we thank you all for your continuing efforts.

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