In time for IBM Think's Community Day, we're relaunching our snippets site.

If you haven't noticed, things have been changing as OpenNTF has more explicitly embraced a wider community. Yes, we've always covered all of what has been IBM Collaboration Solutions / HCL Collaboration Workflow Platforms. But those outside Domino development have been more of a peripheral audience. That has never been a deliberate or conscious decision, but our core output - "projects" - have generally been developer-related (although Easy Admin Tools from Paul Brigden is a welcome and notable exception recently). XSnippets was developed as a replacement for the old code bin, but was again focused on developers. And OpenCode4Connections was also aimed, primarily, at developer-related extensions to Connections.

Well, with the latest update to our snippets site, we're more explicitly addressing that.

Firstly, we're renaming the site OpenNTF Snippets. That's a natural step considering the focus of content is significantly more than XPages and to make the site more notably OpenNTF. And secondly, the list of languages has significantly expanded. These are grouped into specific areas:
- XPages
- Notes Client / generic development
- JavaScript development
- Admin scripts
- Connections Customizer

We've also made a complete overhaul of the UI / UX:
- We've modernised the look and feel to Bootstrap 3
- User interface has also included some styling on the buttons taken from non-ICS development frameworks - primary, friendly and danger button styles
- In terms of user experience, we've changed from views to multi-faceted search based on key criteria - language, author and generic free text search. The aim is that this allows quick filtering down to a handful of results
- The login area has also been updated including the ability to register and reset password from the login screen
- The "Create Snippet" button has been hidden behind the login area
- Some outdated links have been updated
- Social sharing has been added (thanks Serdar for adding this)

Hopefully you'll agree this is more modern, more fit for the future and hopefully it will give developers ideas to give users a better user experience.

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