Following the call for nominations, the new board has been elected by acclamation.

The Member Directors have been returned for another two years:

Serdar Basegmez, Developi Information Systems
Adam Foster, Oval
Jesse Gallagher, I Know Some Guys
Christian G├╝demann, Webgate
Douglas Robinson, Prominic

They join the other Member Directors who still have one year left of their term:

Martin Donnelly - IBM
Paul Withers - Intec Systems Ltd
Oliver Busse -  We4IT
Nathan T Freeman - Red Pill Now

Two of the Contributor Directors chose to stand again:

Nina Wittich
Fredrik Norling

Padraic Edwards chose not to stand and we thank him for his work on the board. To replace him we have Graham Acres of Brytek Systems Inc., IBM Champion and member of the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group. With Domino V10 just around the corner, now is an exciting time.

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