As we outlined in the blog post at the beginning of the week, we are reviewing project governance to try to increase adoption, usefulness and quality of the projects on the site. Following on from the survey aimed specifically at consumers (which will be open until Monday 21st March 9am GMT), we would like to ask contributors to complete another short survey specifically aimed around the projects you have delivered. Because of the number of responses already received for the consumer survey and because of some feedback already received, the planned date for opening the survey has been brought forward. The consumer survey will also be open for four weeks and will close on Wednesday 23rd March 9am GMT.

It's worth stressing that there is no intention to remove projects from OpenNTF. We're conscious that there are many years' worth of projects and that those projects may exist for different purposes. We're also conscious that not all contributors are equally skilled as developer, tester, documentation writer etc. The intentions in reviewing project governance are to allow us to better support our contributors and consumers. There is no intention to increase the burden for contributors. We want to increase the numbers, no deter existing or potential contributors. This is about making it easier for potential contributors to get involved in projects in whatever role (developer, documentation, testing etc), easier for you to leverage the OpenNTF infrastructure if it's useful for your projects, and easier for consumers to know how a project should be used. It's also about getting a better understanding of the feedback contributors receive and potentially increase that feedback to help raise your profile.

Thanks again for all responses to the survey so far. Because comments are limited in the survey and if you wish to include more extensive feedback, feel free to contact myself or another board member in the OpenNTF Slack chat.

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