Today we've launched the new content pages on OpenNTF. For some time we've been conscious that much of the content was rather out-of-date. So there were a number of aims when updating the content:
- Remove out of date content
- Re-format content so it is better designed for web and mobile browsers
- Change the navigation so that all pages are accessible from menu options

The last aim was key. The historic content has been added to over a period of time and, when we looked at all the pages available, a lot were only accessible from other pages, making a site map difficult to understand. So we've added a two-tier menu, with sections of pages grouped together. So, for example, About Us has a set of pages appropriate for that.

A picture named M2

We've also ensured the menus still work on smaller form factors, like so:

A picture named M3

We also intend to review the content on a regular basis and we already anticipate a number of changes over the coming months.

Any feedback and suggestions for enhancements will certainly be welcome.

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