The following live demos of OpenNTF XPages contributions have been added to the OpenNTF development server:

- XPages Media Library, by David Leedy
- VeryShort, by Serdar Basegmez
- Small Talk - What's Up?, by Fredrik Norling
- XPages Log File Reader, by Jakob Majkilde
- Responsive Website, by Martin Rolph, Adam Foster and Graham Simmons
- myWebGate, by Christian Guedemann and Team
- xInvolve custom control, by Serdar Basegmez
- ITWU Exporter, by Stephan Schramm and Christian Annawald
- xGrid, by Pablo Solano

Links to the demos have also been added to the Demos page where you can find other demos too.

The OpenNTF development server runs the latest release of the Extension Library (the June 2012 release). You can test features of the Extension Library in the Extension Library Demo application.

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