Back in 2021 there was a question in the community about where to find old Lotusphere presentations, and one of the comments at the time was that it would be cool if OpenNTF hosted those presentations.  We made note of it at the time, and have done some research specific to copyrights.  We’ve also expanded our thinking beyond Lotusphere!
We would like to call on the community to join us and build an app that will host presentations on OpenNTF.  They may be file attachments, or links to presentations that have been posted elsewhere, including your own blog if you like.  

In the last OpenNTF Webinar we announced the new project for which we are looking for contributions: the Presentation Project. The project is now created and set up so far. We created a Github repository where you can find details about the project goals and how to contribute.

The main goal of this idea is to collect presentations from the past decades that were used in

- conference sessions
- webinars
- webcasts
- tutorials
- etc.

The project will include thinking about the information that is stored, how we handle material that is under copyright, how we store the data, how we make it available via the OpenNTF web site, how it may be searched, support for different languages, a help section, and documentation.

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