This week the IBM Champions program announced the nominations are open for
  • IBM Social Business (AKA Lotus, ICS, ESS)
  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM Middleware (AKA Tivoli, Rational, WebSphere)

As OpenNTF provides highly appreciated projects contributed by several IBM Champions we'd like to encourage you to nominate YOUR IBM Champion for 2016 in one or more areas of the above.
If you found someone's blog post helpful, if you liked a project here on OpenNTF that saved you a lot of time and effort or even if you know someone from a conference who shared his/her knowledge and experience with you then you should take some time and fill out the nomination form to show your appreciation.

Need some inspiration? Just have a look at the posts on, another offering from OpenNTF!

OpenNTF is strongly bound to the people and those people are bound to OpenNTF - the open source platform to share technology for the IBM software enthusiasts and professionals.

The contributors on OpenNTF will appreciate your vote for them by creating more powerful applications and tools that will help you in your daily business.

Thank you for your vote!

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