OpenNTF had a BoF session and a general session at Lotusphere 2006. Both sessions were packed, inspite of the BoF session being at 7am. Here's some of the feedback we got from people who attended these sessions.
  1. A lot of people are not clear on what kind of licensing should be set for their projects. It's hardly surprising given that some of the license information runs into many pages of detail that only a lawyer could decipher. We are working on a summary page that lists some of the key points of each of the licenses to make it easier for you to pick one. A related question was what were the ramifications to developers who downloaded the code and legal implications for corporate environments.
  2. Lack of documentation for some of the downloads - we've heard this before and as developers we all know it's hard to find time to document the stuff we do. At the same time, unless it's really simple to install, not documenting will result in fewer downloads as people get frustrated trying to figure out what to do. A related question was lack of documention for the list of features of an application.
  3. Had a discussion on different version control/CVS systems out there and whether OpenNTF should incorporate any of them. Since most project chefs develop on their own servers it is not something we're looking at implementing for now.
  4. Discussion on various projects such as DominoWiki, DXLPeek, Nifty Fifty.
  5. Request for more technical podcasts and the differences between blogging and podcasts.
  6. Enabling multi-lingual support within applications - most users do not provide multi-lingual support, and since the audience for OpenNTF is worldwide, people were wondering whether app owners could provide more support for other languages.
  7. Some people asked whether we could provide coding standards/guidelines. This may be something we add to the OpenNTF Wiki. Of course anybody who wants to contribute to it should feel free to go ahead and post!
  8. DIscussion on whether we could set up meetings sometimes in person rather than the virtual world so that we can get to know each other better. Anyone for an OpenNTFsphere?
In addition to the sessions, we had a ped in the product showcase. It was great to see many people coming up to the ped and telling us what a great site OpenNTF was. As we've said before, the success of OpenNTF is as much due to the community as it is due to us, so once again thanks to everyone who contributes.  We gave out several hundred OpenNTF t-shirts as well and it was nice to see the OpenNTF logo everywhere one went!

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