The 7th 9.0.1 release of the  XPages Extension Library is now available on OpenNTF. Besides providing a number of fixes for existing features, this release focuses on improving support for using Relational Databases as a data source. First and foremost, the Relational Database plugin has been moved out of ExtlibX and into the main Extlib branch. This now means that when you install v901_r07 of the Extension Library or subsequent releases, relational database support in XPages will be installed by default. Enhancements to Relational Database support include the following

- JDBC Driver Plug-in Wizard in Domino Designer - This feature simplifies the steps needed to creates an OSGi plugin wrapper for a JDBC driver
- Improved Logging with RDBMS - Increased number & quality of logging messages for debugging the RDBMS support in XPages

Detailed information on Relational Database data source enhancements can be found in the Release Notes. These enhancements, along with the addition of the Apache DBCP support for connection pooling in the 5th 9.0.1 release, improve XPages developers ability to work with relational data.

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