Paul Hannan contributed a new version of the Demonstration Application for XPages which demonstrates some of the new functionality in IBM Domino 9.0.1. Below is his description.

"This version (2.0.1) of the XPages Demo App demonstrates some of the additional XPages features and enhancements in IBM Domino Notes 9.0.1, and since the last release the main developments have been to the View Navigator and new mobile features.

Not to be confused with the Navigator controls or how an app is made navigable, the view navigator is a feature that controls how Notes Domino View data is presented and interacted with in XPages. Notes Domino 9.0 brought an enhancement to this area which meant paging, scrolling and general interaction perform much better especially when the data source is a categorized view. The 9.0.1 release brings much needed bug fixes and enhancements to this area. The developer now has the option to set the way their controls use the view navigation. They can use the default setting, "ByPosition" (the new name for the setting used for view navigation in previous releases), or use "ByNoteId", the better performing setting.
This release of the XPages Demo App has been set to use the ByNotesId throughout. This was done in the application's file with "xsp.domino.view.navigator" set to "ByNoteId". The user can override this setting there or by selecting to change this from the "On The Fly" panel on the app.
The user can also compare the performance with these two settings with an example shown in the "New 9.0.x" tab.

The demo application also includes examples of the new mobile enhancements in Notes Domino 9.0.1. Select the "Mobile" on the top left menu to bring you to the mobile demo app.
It includes a sample for the new deviceBean feature. Next there is a sample that demonstrates the bug fix to the file upload control when partial refresh is set, which in turn allows file upload to work inside XPages mobile applications. There then follows a sample on the Tool Bar Button control which was a new feature to the 9.0 release.
The demo app also includes examples for the new events added to the Single Page Application and Application Page controls. Examples of the Application Page's client side and server side transition events are demoed, and so too are the onResize and onOrientationChange events on the Single Page Application control.

So until the next release I hope you find this application useful."

You can test it on the OpenNTF dev server.

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