On October 8th at 10:00 AM EST OpenNTF chairman Christian Guedemann and Peter Luder from WebGate Consulting AG will demonstrate the power of XPages extensibility based on their experience when building the OpenNTF project POI 4 XPages.

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- From the business need to an idea and an extension
- Why we open sourced it and why we did this decision at the starting point
- Don't reinvent the wheel - good research matters
- Take care of your target audience
- Make money
And we will take a look behind the scene, direct into the code!


Christian Guedemann

CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG
Started with Notes Version 2 or 3
First Application: Polyurethane Mixture Management Database
Father, Husband and passionate reader

Peter Luder

Leader Business Services @ WebGate Consulting AG
Started with Notes Version 3
Fan of collaboration philosophy and praxis

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