Recently Sean Cull has started a new initiative to collect all existing material and contribute new documentation about everything related to source control for IBM Domino, esp. XPages.

Sean "soft released" a wiki that contains/will contain all information about source control. Check out the list of existing articles.

Here is Sean's description:

"Source Control has many many advantages for both developers and organisations but it is a complex subject. At FoCul we have been running a project to adopt Source Control on our XPage projects. There is not much documentation about Source Control with DDE and getting this far has been both a difficult and rewarding process.

We don't have all of the answers and we are still very much learning how it all works. We wanted to share what we have learned and also create a forum where others could share their knowledge so that the ICS community could maybe develop some best practices in this important area."

Sean is asking other developers to contribute to this effort. In addition to the wiki there is also a discussion chat on StackOverflow.

Sean will also talk about source control at ICON UK.

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