Paul Hannan has released a new version of the XPages Extension Library. See below for his description.

"This release is the second of IBM Notes Domino 9.0 versions of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib) to OpenNTF. It contains mainly a number of changes and enhancements made to the new REST Calendar service API, and a new feature, a new framework for JUnit testing. It continues to match closely the XPages Extension Library that is already in Notes Domino 9.0 and contains a small number of bug fixes.

New Feature, JUnit Test Framework
The JUnit Test Framework is a new feature to this release of the ExtLib to OpenNTF. It is mainly a feature developers will use when developing custom library plugins. The framework will help these developers verify that a library plugin follows XPages control conventions. And will catch any future code-change regressions and the most likely areas within a plugin that may break. A Quick Start tutorial explaining how to use the JUnit Test Framework can be found here.

Changes to the New REST Calendar Service
This release of the XPages Extension Library includes several changes to the new REST calendar service. The JSON representation of events and notices now include xproperties mapping to the X-LOTUS properties in iCalendar. When you read a range of events from the event feed, you can now specify the list of fields you want returned in the response. We've also improved error handling to make the status codes more consistent and useable for diagnosing errors.
The REST mail service includes two new features. Firstly, we've added the ability to read mail quota information including warning threshold, quota size and actual size. Secondly, we've introduced the ability to read and manage a user's mail delegates."

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