The latest release of the XPages Extension Library contains the first version of the calendar service (REST API) for IBM Domino 9.0. Dave Delay and the Domino REST services team have posted the documentation and are asking for feedback. Below is a short introduction of the new service.

"The Domino calendar service is now included in the extension library. The calendar service represents calendar data in both JSON and iCalendar formats. The calendar service lets you send HTTP requests to:

- Discover a list of calendar resources for the authenticated user.
- Read summary data for events in a given date range.
- Create, read, update and delete an individual event.
- Read summary data for new invitations.
- Read an individual invitation or other notice.
- Process an invitation or other notice. Participant actions include accept, decline, counter, and delegate.

The calendar service is the latest addition to the family of REST services collectively called Domino Access Services. [...] If you are familiar with the data service, you should find the calendar service easy to work with. It shares some of the same URL parameters and other conventions used by the data service."

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