OpenNTF is happy to announce a new initiative - the OpenNTF webinars.

OpenNTF plans to host one webinar per month on various IBM Collaboration Solutions app dev topics. This includes sessions about OpenNTF projects, but also other educational, not open source related topics. We've planned to cover the wider range of ICS technologies, especially XPages and IBM Connections.

Our intent is to deliver high quality content which is presented by various experts from the community. The speakers will do in the first 45 minutes the actual presentations and the last 15 minutes are for open discussions.

The webinars will be hosted live on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM EST (US east cost). Additionally the sessions will be recorded and published on the OpenNTF YouTube channel.

Attendance is free and no registration is required. The IBM SmartCloud meeting information and a conference call number will be provided.

Below is a list of the first webinars. The first webinars will happen bi-weekly.

05/07/13 - 10:00 AM EST: OpenNTF - The IBM Collaboration Solutions App Dev Community

Speakers: Bruce Elgort, Per Henrik Lausten, Serdar Basegmez, Peter Tanner, Stanislav Marszalek, Jesse Gallagher
Topics: Overview, projects, snippets,, Collaboration Today, contests, IP, demos of the fourth contest winning projects

06/04/13 - 10:00 AM EST: Get Started with XPages

Speakers: David Leedy, Paul Withers, Mark Roden

We look forward to seeing on our webinars!

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