Richard Sharpe, Matt White and Steve Ives have contributed the OpenNTF project Unplugged XPages Mobile Controls. To use these controls you need IBM Domino and infrastructure provided by Teamstudio.

Richard Sharpe from Teamstudio has written a series of blog entries describing the controls (part 1, part 2, part 3).

Below Taline Badrikian from Teamstudio describes the project:

"Teamstudio Unplugged is a mobilization platform that enables customers to develop corporate applications for mobile devices and provision them offline. Customers have the ability to deploy template or custom IBM Domino applications offline, securely, with the ability to synchronize or “replicate” on demand wirelessly. Users have access to all application data and full functionality anytime, anywhere. Applications are customizable and can take advantage of cool features like camera support. Unplugged operates across all major mobile operating systems and mobile devices. These applications are instant-on, always-available, even offline.

Unplugged includes mobile Teamroom, mobile Document Library and mobile Journal applications which are able to sync with the IBM Domino server and run with full offline capability. We also include the Unplugged Controls library of XPages Custom Controls to developers who need to create mobile applications quickly.

This is the quick (2 minute) animated
video we just did for Unplugged. This is a 15 minute overview of Unplugged that Paul Mooney has put together for us. The video on how to use some of the controls from the OpenNTF project is here."

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