There are several projects on OpenNTF to generate office and PDF documents via XPages for data in NSFs. Here is a quick overview.

POI 4 XPages (Christian Guedemann, Lena Troxler): Generate word and spreadsheet documents with dynamic content by building files with placeholders inside. Based on Apache POI. Read more.

ITWU Exporter on XPages (Stephan Schramm, Christian Annawald): Export your content of a database, like views or documents to HTML, XLS (Excel), RTF (Word & Co.) and PDF. Based on iText. Read more and watch the video.

XPages PDF Exporter Custom Control (Rami Muurimaeki): With this control you are able to create fully customized PDF documents by using a PDF template and custom data. Based on iText. Watch the video.

Java Charts (Naveen Maurya): Java Charts enables you to create various types of charts (using JFreeChart) and display them on your XPage. It also provides you with ability to export these charts to PDF file (using iText). Read more and watch the video.

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