We would like to receive feedback how you use the OpenNTF web sites and services and what value OpenNTF provides for you.

One of the people who'll provide feedback until 03/03 (within next two weeks) will win $100. OpenNTF will pick the winner randomly.

You can participate in several different ways. Pick the most convenient option for you.

1) Use Twitter for tweets including #openntf (retweets are appreciated but don't qualify for the $100)

2) Write a comment on the OpenNTF Facebook wall

3) Write a comment to this blog entry (requires OpenNTF login)

4) Write a review of an OpenNTF project (requires OpenNTF login)

5) Fill out this survey

Below is a list of some of the feedback OpenNTF and OpenNTF project owners have received recently.

"Wow +1 loving the quality of OpenNTF releases at the moment, great work. Looking forward to testing this"

"There are lots of organizations out there with a Domino infrastructure for whom this [Intrapages] could become a really important tool in exploiting the significant power (and backend simplicity) of IBM's Domino infrastructure."

Various feedback about Collaboration Today

"Our Domino appdev revenue up 186% year on year. Thanks to IBM for xPages and Apple for the iPad!"

"I have been looking for a tool [ACL and Cluster Tool] that does exactly what this tool does. I have deployed it to manage the creation of cluster replica's and it is working perfectly. Thank you!"

"Bookmarks [Bookmark Viewer for IBM Lotus Connection] are something i use heavily and the synching of them down from our Connections server makes my life that much easier. Thank You!"

"[XPages Multiple File Uploader] Easy to set up. Excellent instructions. Great functionality. What's not to love? Thank you!"

"Thank you very much for this awesome Tool [XPage Debug Toolbar]. I'm still getting to know it, but it's playing such an important role in my current applications."

"Great application. [fileSendr]"

"This [FileSendr Add-on] is one of those tools that makes your life as an admin easier. No more filled up mail.box files due to big attachments, without bothering the end-user to change his email habits."

"I have taken the last few weeks to test this custom control [Java Charts], and I must say that i really like it."  

"i love it! [Snippets]"

"Thx for your work and time on this [Home Page Template] very nice starting point ,it saved me a lot of time making a simple homepage."

"Thanks a lot for this tool [Document Viewer], really helped me in developing lotus/domino apps and especially debugging."

"AWESOME [JDBC Access for IBM Lotus Domino]"

"Sweet little control [MultiSelect with Checkboxes Control]. This should be part of the ExtLib !"

"Thank you. This [Data Moving Animal] is a very good tool."

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