As part of the OpenNTF development contest sponsored by hedersoft, Rene Winkelmeyer has contributed a project called Generic NSF View Widget for IBM Connections.

Watch the video to see the project in action. Here is the description from Rene:

"The Generic NSF View Widget for IBM Connections has a simple, single purpose: to display data from Notes views/documents. Point.

Some highlights:

- Administrators only have to enable HTTP only on one Domino server - but data can be accessed from any Domino server in the organization including automatic cluster failover handling.
- Users (widget owners or community moderators) may define the source database, the used view, the Notes document fields or the HTML for displaying the data - or administrators can define them globally.
- Built-in dojo dialog box support and multi language admin interface.
- The widget XML file may be taken as template for multiple, different widgets.
- All configuation data is managed and hold in IBM Connections. NSF is just the source."

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